I am a strong supporter of the space that Sara holds, the love and trust that she has in the labyrinth as a tool for transformation and awakening is evident in the depth of the profound experiences I have witnessed time and time again from people who experience her work. I have had the gift of both creating events where Sara has facilitated as well as fire keeping for her burning bowl outdoor labyrinth walks, I strongly recommend her as your labyrinth guide or as an insightful, creative and soulful therapist and holistic life coach. - Emily Andari of New Earth Tribes

For nearly two years my clients have walked the labyrinth with Sara Dochterman. Sara has a unique ability to combine clinical insight and spiritual healing for recovery. The labyrinth has become an indispensable component in the Three Strands Treatment Program. I continue to be amazed at the spiritual and psycho-emotional breakthroughs clients report. I wholeheartedly recommend Sara and the labyrinth experience to you. - Jonathan Benz, MS, CAP, ICADC, CDWF, RMHCI

Thank you so much for our day together.  No words could describe the full extent of the blessings I received from this experience. I woke up this morning inspired, energized to create and in a different energetic vibration.  I had multiple perceptual shifts all day long. And I felt  an undercurrent of simple joy and clarity. Thank you for creating the context and holding space for me. I don't think I have even realized just how profound the shifts were. I am looking forward to see what continues to show up.  - Robin Andari

I have finally put down the bat. I can sit quietly and listen both to others and to myself. Because of my work with Sara, I learned that I am not broken and how to set boundaries. Today I jumped out of an airplane and had the most profound spiritual experience of my life. I am about to embark on a journey with a friend with whom I have made a commitment to do an adventure checklist and I am in a space of happiness and freedom that I never could have imagined. I bought a new journal today as well and made a personal commitment as well to avoid being a grumpy f*ker. - Tracy Williams

I have accompanied my clients on multiple labyrinth walks facilitated by Sara. The clients are always skeptical when we first arrive, but Sara does an excellent job of encouraging the clients to participate in the walk by describing her own experiences and also explaining the history and use behind the labyrinth. Each time that I witness my clients participate, many of them walk away with a profound experience. Through the labyrinth, many of the clients are able to connect to their Higher Power and make connections with their ability to cope through life using the labyrinth as a metaphor. Our facility regularly engages in facilitated walks with Sara, and the labyrinth is used as a powerful tool for our clients during their journey of self-discovery. - Nikki Rodriguez MS RMHCI, Primary Therapist, Beachside Recovery

Sara Dochterman, LCSW

Insightful and caring. In an attentive and delicate manner, Sara will always guide you through thick and thin, will not quit on you and stand for your breakthroughs.    —J. H.

Sara is a holistic life coach and licensed therapist with a passion and a talent for facilitating each  client and workshop participant’s individual inner journey. Her experiential labyrinth practice makes her process available to many, opening a pathway like no other. Sara supports one to be an active participant in their process, rather than be “treated.” Her work is very empowering.—A. B.

In working with Sara, I have realized that a sacred space to create is essential and it doesn’t matter where it is. I have helped one studio get off the ground and am working on adding to the one I have at home. I have pinpointed the “crazymakers” in my life and learned to create boundaries and to walk away from situations that did not respect my requirement for sacred space. My web design business is gaining momentum (5 possible new clients in one day??? Yes!!) and I am grateful I have a creative way to make a living that allows me to do what I want to do … create art and travel. I am going to Bali in March where I will be collecting visual ideas for a new series of paintings when I get back. - Kristin Currier Ludlow