​​Now Offering Online Therapy


Due to the recent surge in COVID-19, I am now offering online and tele-therapy options for all new and returning clients.

Please contact me for more information or if you would like to schedule an appointment or consultation. Thank you!


Are you ready to ... Feel energized and excited about your life? Have a clear sense of direction and confidence to freely be who you are? Create the life you dream of, making a huge difference in the world simply by being you? Become the woman who takes on the adventures of life with courage, vision and bold, sensitive awareness? Are you: Dreaming of living much larger with freedom and joy? Ready to find space for YOU in your busy life? Secretly treasuring your empathic sensitivity, fantasizing about letting it come through to its fullest, in all its grandeur?​

Is now the time for you?

In addition to therapy, I also conduct labyrinth workshops. The labyrinth is an ancient spiritual tool that is thousands of years old, walked by millions of people of all cultures and traditions. The labyrinth is not a maze, as it has no wrong turns or dead ends. Rather than a puzzle to be solved, it is a walking prayer, a walking meditation, with only one path to the center. Participants are invited to experience the labyrinth as a form of walking meditation, used to calm and quiet the mind.

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Sara Dochterman, LCSW